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Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company has completed many educational greenhouse projects over the years. Part of this process often involves working with educators. At Van Wingerden Greenhouse Co. we understand that as an educator researching greenhouse possibilities, the task can often be overwhelming. We want educators to understand how we believe the project should flow, thus making the process less daunting.

Educational Greenhouse Package

If you are interested in an educational greenhouse package you should:

  • Contact the Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company Sales Department
  • Schedule a meeting or phone conference to discuss what type of greenhouse is desired

After these steps are successfully completed Van Wingerden Greenhouse Co. will:

  • Provide quote drawings and pricing
  • If quote is accepted, draw up contracts and approval drawings
  • Produce greenhouse structure (posts, trusses, braces, glazing materials, ect.)
  • Ship greenhouse components to site
  • Supervise construction

It is also important to remember that Van Wingerden Greenhouse Co. can provide Engineering services when applicable, work closely with architects, and conform to any bidding restrictions.  This ensures that Van Wingerden Greenhouse Co. can provide quality educational greenhouse packages.

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